This blog is a random collection of the things that pique my interest. It will mainly cover film photography, philosophy, food, and general life in Germany. Its main objective is to be a writing exercise, a place to showcase my photography, and a reason to tinker with HTML and static page engines. In this case, I am using Hugo.

As with all websites, the server running this site will collect some usage data. The server will record the time of your visit, your IP address, and any pages you visit. IP addresses get automatically truncated. Depending on the settings, your browser might also be transmitting information about your operating system, browser, and plugins.

Some links will be pointing to external sites – like Youtube, Flickr, and others. These sites have their policies about data collection that will most likely be different than mine. I will mark the links accordingly. If you follow them anyway, you are on your own.

Petrus A. Appel