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Emerging Life

Two years ago, I planted a couple of Siberian chillies. I have kept four of them and gave the other young plants away. Since my plants have reached maturity, I have been blessed with an unending stream of little red peppers – quite hot, but easy to dry.

My first plants are growing into beautiful little bushes, and I have decided to try to plant a few more. A few days ago, I harvested a bunch of seeds and put them in an empty egg box. Today, finally, I did notice the first shoots growing!

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Sudden Winter

Only a week until Ash Wednesday. During the last weeks, we have had almost springtime temperatures. Now all of a sudden, temperatures have dropped rapidly, and snow is covering everything. At -8 to -11° Celsius (17.6 to 12.2° Fahrenheit), taking a walk with the dogs is a freezing experience.

Luckily, we are in a very sheltered part of Germany. The northern and eastern regions of the country are suffering disrupted train services and clogged up roads. Some of them have to stay in their cars for hours.

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I am trying out a few daily activities at the moment:

Every morning, I am adjusting my alarm clock to the sun. If the sun rises one minute earlier, my alarm goes off one minute earlier as well. I will probably stop this once I have gained the hour needed to offset the Daylight Savings Time on 28. March 2021.

Also, in the mornings, I practice my handwriting in the old German script called Kurrent. That is mostly to get better at reading old documents and letters. It is also fun to do something a little ‘artsy.’

At some point during the day, I write my daily blog post postcard. This daily is a difficult task. I find it terrible to come up with ideas that are not boring and irrelevant. It is also hard to confine the posts to one postcard-sized paper – this post is also too long. Of my dailies, this is the only one I am pausing on Sundays.

In the evenings, I follow the bible reading plan from the Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz at Ascension Press.

At last, I have an alarm set 2 hours before I go to bed. This alarm tells me to stop working or using screen devices.

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Sunny Days

I took this photo last summer. The states' governments had just lifted the first lockdown, and restaurants and cafés were open again. On a short trip to Bavaria, I stopped for the night in Bamberg. On the following morning, I went for breakfast in one of the cafés on that road.

Differences in lighting were a bit too much for the film (Kodak Gold 200) to handle, but the photo still came out well enough.

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The Princess Sleeps ...

Is it a good idea to sleep in on the weekend? I do not think so. All it does is disrupting a sleeping pattern and stopping you from forming the habit of getting up at the same time in the morning.

Habits are there to help us to accomplish things. They reduce the amount of deliberation and willpower needed to get into some form of action – like getting up at 5:30 in the morning.

On the other hand: If you are lying in bed, you can at least not order a new encyclopedia to further crowd your already crowded bookshelves.