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My Neighbours Are Back

Tue, Feb 23, 2021 One-minute read

A few years ago, my (human) neighbour cut off the top of a tree in his garden, right in front of my kitchen window. Not long after, a young stork discovered the tree and built a nest on top of it.

He managed to attract a partner late that year, and they didn’t have enough time to procreate. They did, however, improve a lot on his initial nest. Then, they went to their winter homes.

I don’t know if these storks migrated to Africa or if they relocated to a different part of Germany – many storks have stopped migrating to the south –, but come spring, they return to their nest in front of my kitchen window.

And every year but that first one, they raise a bunch of little storks while my camera is keeping watch. You can find some of the photos on Flickr.